Exclusive car festival – Klaipėda Motor BBQ 2020 powered by Insane Performance

Klaipeda Motor BBQ – one of the largest exclusive car festivals in Lithuania, which will take you in for nature and is for real car lovers!

For 5 years in a row, the most beautiful cars of various manufacturers and models again will come back to the car village?. They spend a lot of time looking, preparing and maintaining them so that they look beautiful not only at shows, car events, but also decorating the streets with their exquisite look, sound and no matter if it’s an old car or a new one!

You were here? We are waiting for you to come back!
Never been here? Come and you will see!

3 days and 2 nights at a car lovers festival.

Our special crew will choose the best looking TOP16 cars, take interviews, make each presentation on the main stage. And after all, the best cars will be awarded and the most exclusive car of the festival will be awarded for the best prize!

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⭐⭐⭐ Patron of the festival: Insane Performance ⭐⭐⭐

Professional Chiptuning – Power Enhancement, DPF / FAP System Programming – Off, Power Measurement with 4×4 Dyno Stand.


???? PERFORMERS: 26th SADBOI. 27th. Jonas Nainys (DJ JOVANI)
???? SOUND: Endrio a.k. a. Linas Endriuška
???? VOICE: MC Gintautas Šutavičius


Unique Detailing
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